We operate in tantalum markets, and pride ourselves in making use of the best available traceability standards accepted worldwide.

Minerals Resources International AG (MRI), is a Zug based Swiss firm that is involved primarily in the production and upgrading of raw material feed for consumers of tantalum. MRI is the sole owner of a number of Democratic Republic of the Congo mining companies which hold world class concessions covering several working tantalite mines in the Katanga province.

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Any violations of the policy should be reported to the MRI Chief Compliance Officer, or if appropriate violations should be reported to an independent third party. Report any violations to the following email address whistleblower@mrinternational.ch

All concentrate has been produced ready for audit under the Electronics Industry Conservation Coalition (EICC) program for provenance. As a member of iTSCi, MRI has, since inception certified all production under the iTSCi program. Certified MRI tantalite has been supplied as feed to worlds largest customers for tantalite including the worlds largest consumer, as well as the worlds largest producer of tantalum capacitors. MRI supply record is impeccable with no missed shipments or supply delays.

Supply chain management

We are held to high expectations by stakeholders for our supply chain stewardship and we have crafted our social responsibility efforts to promote sustainable performance in this regard.

Social Responsibility

MRI is an active participant on the Kisengo Foundation along with Mineral Mining Resources (MMR) and KEMET Electronics Corporation (KEC). The mission of the Kisengo Foundation is to facilitate investment for the residents of the villages of Kisengo in a collaborative approach to improve the quality of life of the Kisengo community.


MRI is focused on the safe and responsible production of tantalum. We require appropriate environmental and health and safety standards during mining operations. The prudent and responsible use of natural resources is vital and we work towards upholding properly managed economic growth, sustainable development and poverty reduction in the areas of our subsidiaries.

Additional Information

In addition to mining and mineral upgrading, MRI has supervised the technical transfer for the construction of a Potassium Tantalum Fluoride (K2TaF7) production facility in Matamoros Mexico, completed in January 2013.

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